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Holistic Health techniques support the body's natural ability to heal by reducing stress and promoting a state of relaxation and balance.  Incorporating one or more Holistic Health services into your healthcare regimen will help you target specific issues.

Holistic Health uses modalities such as Yoga Nidra, Guided Imagery, Meditation and Reiki to reduce pain, address problem symptoms associated with insomnia, chronic fatigue, post traumatic stress, headaches, high blood pressure, panic, anxiety, mood instability, brain injury and grief.  

Our educational classes invite you to learn the latest research and recommendations and our upcoming Holistic Health Perspectives groups will offer you both professional and peer support as you navigate the sometimes bumpy road of implementing new lifestyle habits.  

Our goal is to help you get to the "root causes" of your health problems and empower you to develop a self-care health plan that is specific to your unique needs - a plan that is unlike any other you have had before.  We help you dig deep and dissect the core issues that may be blocking you from leading the kind of life you dream of.  

Services and Specialty Programs  

Clarity Life Coaching - A Soulful Journey


Holistic Nursing Consults - A Holistic Approach to Managing Chronic Symptoms

Living Well After Cancer Program

Medical Guided Imagery
Mental Wellness Recovery Program

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program 

Smoking Cessation

Traumatic Grief Counseling

Yoga Nidra

Classes and Groups

Our office is located in the tranquil Desert Lotus Healing Sanctuary in Mesa, Arizona.  Holistic Nursing Consultations and several complementary therapies are also available via interactive online appointments.  To receive our detailed program information packet, make an appointment or learn more about any of these services, please email:

[email protected]

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