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Inspiration For Your Day

November 24, 2020

Today - share your love and warmth with others.

Today - spread light and kindness, compassion and empathy.

"There are two ways of spreading light;

to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

- Edith Wharton

Daily Clarity

Inspiration for each and every day. Begin each day with a quick inspirational passage.  The brief daily messages help you focus, gain clarity, set a daily intention, and be pro-active in living each and every day with increasing mindfulness, joy, and passion.  

Each new day ushers in unique opportunities if we stop to recognize that which is before us.  Check in with us daily or simply sign-up for our periodic email updates.  Read past 2020 issues here.

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Holistic Health


Beginning Fall 2020, Clarity Holistic Health will highlight holistic health modalities, each and every month.  You will have a ready resource that offers ideas and strategies on how you can modify lifestyle decisions to better support your health and wellness.

October Feature - Yoga Nidra

November Feature

The World of CBD

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