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Energy Renewal Session

This specialty session is tailored to your specific needs. After a complete intake consultation, a plan of care is discussed. Sessions typically include therapeutic interventions that have been shown to aid in reducing stress, trauma and/or grief symptoms. Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Breathing Exercises, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Yoga Nidra are some of the healing modalities that can be incorporated into a session.

Mind/Body healing modalities have been shown to significantly reduce post-traumatic symptoms in several clinical studies. Interventions are designed to help reduce:

.  fear
.  anger

.  stress

.  shame

.  isolation

.  numbing

.  flashbacks
.  nightmares

Session Protocol

Prior to your first session you will be sent a Confidential Intake Questionnaire. We ask you to fill it out in advance so that you and your provider can be well prepared at the initial session.  At your first session, we will review your Confidential Intake Questionnaire together and explore any obstacles that might have hindered you from achieving your goals in the past. During this conversation, you will also learn how each modality works and can ask questions.

To ensure optimal success and outstanding results, we take a holistic approach to helping all clients and ask you to be prepared to implement basic, yet important healthy changes in your lifestyle to achieve your goals. You will receive resources about sleep habits, nutrition and exercise, all in an effort to build a solid foundation which will support your wellness journey.

Upon your arrival, you will find a peaceful and professional office located in the beautiful Desert Lotus Healing Sanctuary in Mesa, Arizona. There is a beautiful waiting room and additional relaxation room where you can rest before and after your session.


Please arrive a few minutes early to settle in and so we can begin your session promptly, with little or no wait time. Clients who arrive 15 minutes or more late, will be charged for the session and will need to reschedule.

After your session, for additional support and guidance, we will email you positive affirmations and resource articles at your request.

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