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Grief Support

Grief Support sessions can help you sort through the immense emotions following the death of someone you care for.  Jill works with children, adults and families who are experiencing grief.  

In addition, she is specially trained by the MISS Foundation - an international nonprofit group which aids parents whose children have died. The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Trust receives calls and emails from around the world every day looking for competent providers who can help guide them through traumatic grief.  Unfortunately, there are few providers who specialize in this very unique and painful type of loss.

Certified Provider of Compassionate Bereavement Care

G. Jill Cook RN received her Compassionate Bereavement Care CertificationĀ®
through the Center for Loss and Trauma in partnership with the MISS Foundation
and the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Trust

What is traumatic grief? 

Current literature recognizes traumatic grief as:

the death of a baby or child

violent death



untimely deaths

The model used is a framework based in the art of full presence. ATTEND (attunement, trust, therapeutic touch, egalitarianism, nuance, and death education) is a mindful and evidence-based, culturally sensitive paradigm for compassionate care to the traumatically bereaved which does not pathologize grief. (1)  This model has been shown to reduce depressive, anxious, and trauma symptomatology in both clients and clinicians.

(1) (Thieleman & Cacciatore, 2013; Cacciatore, 2010; Cacciatore & Flint, 2011; Cacciatore & Thieleman, 2012; Thieleman & Cacciatore, 2014). 

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